Volume 28, Issue 4, April 2015

Table of Contents


Where Do Indian Institutes Fall Short with Respect to World Class Institutes? "Gap Analysis"  | 
B. M. Naik 1-10
Total views: 531
A Continuous, High-Frequency Environmental Monitoring System for Watershed Education Research  | 
Walter M. Mcdonald, Vinod K. Lohani, Randel L. Dymond, Daniel S. Brogan 11-22
Total views: 1132
Coding to Think:Teaching Algorithmic Thinking from Idea to Code  | 
Joe Tranquillo 23-32
Total views: 465
QTiME-Fostering Dimensional Learning in 21st Century  | 
Bala Ajjampur, Krishna V. Prasad 33-41
Total views: 376
Expectations of Industry from Technical Graduates:Implications for Curriculum and Instructional Processes  | 
P. K. Tulsi, M. P. Poonia 42-49
Total views: 411
Analysis of Teaching Computer Programming in Indian Context  | 
P. Chenna Reddy 50-55
Total views: 767
Impact of Engineering Faculty Participation in Decision Making and Commitment on Organizational Citizenship Behaviour  | 
S. Pavan Kumar, Vijai N. Giri 56-66
Total views: 635
Employability Skills-Student Self Assessment of Strong and Weak Areas  | 
O. T. Remadevi, V. Ravi Kumanr 67-70
Total views: 406
Practical Approach to Handle Large Classes:A Case Study for Keeping Sessions Live  | 
Sachin S. Patil, Shivananda R. Poojara, Khyamling A. Parane 71-77
Total views: 675
An Effective Tool for the Attainment of Course Outcome's and Programme Outcome's  | 
R. Vijaya Prakash 78-82
Total views: 826
A Review on Requisite Generic Attributes for Engineering Graduates  | 
S. Meenakshi, Amiya Kumar Rath, Seemita Mohanty 83-91
Total views: 728
A Traditional Novel Approach for Skill Enhancement of Teaching-Learning Process in Engineering Education  | 
Srinivas Aluvala, Soumya Pothupogu 92-95
Total views: 669
Parallel Learning Reinforcement-A Case Study  | 
S. Jayanthi, T. Renuka, G. N. Shekar 96-101
Total views: 412
Defining Paradigms for Effective Industry Institute Collaboration  | 
Ameet Chavan, Bhujanga Rao Sanapala 102-108
Total views: 431
A Flipped Classroom Approach to Teaching Engineering Mechanics Courses  | 
M. Sirigiri, S. D. Rajan 109-113
Total views: 642

News and Events

News and Events  | 
Total views: 370

Author's Biography

Author's Biography  | 
Total views: 399

Guest Editorial

Guest Editorial  | 
K. Mallikharjuna Babu
Total views: 393