Volume 31, Issue 1, July 2017

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Editorial  | 
Krishna Vedula
Total views: 106


RISE – The Pillars of Quality Assessment (Review, Identify, Strengthen, Evaluate)  | 
V. Radhika Devi, P. Bhaskara Reddy 7-10
Total views: 110
A Low Risk Hybrid Teaching Methodology for Improving the Motivation Levels of Students: A Casestudy on Digital Image Processing Course  | 
M. Venkata Krishna Rao 11-18
Total views: 106
An Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning, a Case Study  | 
S. M. Hirikude, N. V. Sabnis, V. V. Kulkarni 19-23
Total views: 120
An Overview of Active Learning Techniques  | 
Namburu Yamini Gupta, B. Prakruthi Gowd, A. Sri Kalyan Chakravarthi 24-29
Total views: 118
Exploring OOAD Concepts Through Course Projects  | 
Suvarna G. Kanakaraddi, Ashok K. Chikaraddi, Jayalaxmi G. Naragund, C. Sujatha 30-36
Total views: 108
A Practical Approach to Make Computer Laboratory Courses more Effective and Interesting through Student Mentoring  | 
Uma Boregowda, P. Sunitha, A. Geetha Kiran 37-41
Total views: 81
Imbibing Industry Requirements in Engineering Curriculum by Augmenting it with Industry Standard Simulation Tool  | 
Anupama R. Itagi, V. Sushma 42-47
Total views: 76
Importance versus Achieved: A Cross-Sectional Study on Engineering Students' Perception on Generic Attributes  | 
S. Meenakshi, Seemita Mohanty 48-55
Total views: 98
Make-in-MCE: A Differentiating Alumni Initiative in an Engineering College  | 
S. Krishnaswamy, G. Mahendra, K. S. Jayantha, H. J. Amarendra, B. Uma 56-60
Total views: 91
Open Education Resource: An Effective ICT Tool for Engineering Education  | 
Deepa 61-66
Total views: 89
Open Ended Quizzes - A Strategy to Enhance Critical Thinking of Student in Engineering Education  | 
Rupali J. Shelke, Trupti S. Indi 67-71
Total views: 91

News and Events

News and Events  | 
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Author's Biography

Authors Biography  | 
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