Volume 30, Issue 2, October 2016

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Editorial  | 
Krishna Vedula
Total views: 205


University Bridge Program:Innovation at the Grass Roots of Learning in Higher Education  | 
RajaniKanth Aluvalu 7-11
Total views: 237
Tutoring Junior Students by Senior Students in Engineering Courses  | 
Uma Boregowda, P. Sunitha, A. Geetha Kiran, H. S. Chandrashekar 12-16
Total views: 225
Teaching Pedagogies Used in Higher Education for Better Learning Outcomes  | 
Goldie Gabrani, Andrew Solomon, Utkarsh Dviwedi 17-23
Total views: 222
Facilitating Assessments to Foster 21st Century Skills:Towards Technological Terrains  | 
Sujata Wadhwa, Audre Barlow, Siddharthsinh Jadeja 24-29
Total views: 221
A Case Study on Teaching and Learning Innovations Applied to Engineering Education  | 
S. A. Soundattikar, V. R. Naik 30-35
Total views: 295
Intrapreneurship and Innovation in Engineering Education  | 
V. Thanikachalam 36-43
Total views: 229
Learning Styles of Engineering Students  | 
P. K. Tulsi, M. P. Poonia, Anu Priya 44-49
Total views: 301
Engineering Education for the 21st Century:Technology based hierarchical online learning  | 
Avik W. Ghosh 50-56
Total views: 200
Experiences Translating Project-Based Software Engineering Courses into Online Courses  | 
Srividya K. Bansal, Ajay Bansal 57-64
Total views: 201
Automotive Electronics:Enhancing the Learning through Integrated Laboratory  | 
P. C. Nissimagoudar, Venkatesh Mane, H. M. Gireesha, Ramakrishna Joshi, M. R. Kiran, J. Anisha, Nalini C. Iyer, K. M. Uma, A. B. Raju, B. L. Desai 65-70
Total views: 214
Integrated Course projects in Automotive Electronics and RTOS  | 
P. C. Nissimagoudar, Venkatesh Mane, Diwakarkulkarni, K. Shamshuddin, H. M. Gireesha, Ramakrishna Joshi, M. R. Kiran, J. Anisha, Nalini C. Iyer, K. M. Uma, A. B. Raju, B. L. Desai 71-78
Total views: 217
Teacher Education-The Immediate Need for a Positive Transformation of Engineering Education in India  | 
Paraitham Sreenivas Sarma, P. V. K. Sandeep 79-81
Total views: 181
Attainment of Course Outcomes in Outcome Based Education: A Case Study  | 
R. Balasubramani 82-85
Total views: 199
An Experiential Learning in Web Technology Course  | 
Vijayakumar Bhajantri, C. Sujatha, Shilpa Yaligar, Manjula K. Pawar 86-91
Total views: 185
Streamlined Integration Ofict Tools and Active Learning Strategies for Effective Content Delivery in Engineering Education-An Experimental Study  | 
S. Thiruchadai Pandeeswari, S. Pudumalar 92-98
Total views: 228
A Practical Approach to Teach Web Programming Course  | 
R. E. Margaret, A. M. Vinod, M. R. Tejonidhi 99-102
Total views: 199
Exploring the Feasibility of Implementing Flipped Classroom Concept in Engineering Education  | 
Pulok Ranjan Mohanta, Amit Kumar Singh 103-108
Total views: 252
Team and Project Based Learning for a Sophomore Course on Digital System Design  | 
Pradeep Waychal 109-118
Total views: 196
Use of Active and Collaborative Learning Techniques in the Course Digital Communication of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering  | 
Maruti Rajaram Jadhav 119-122
Total views: 216
Towards Student Centerd Teaching: A New Paradigm  | 
Pragati Sawant 123-127
Total views: 213
VIIT-TIFR Collaboration for Final Year Engineering Undergraduate Projects:A Novel Paradigm  | 
C. S. Garde 128-132
Total views: 185
Current Challenges and Future in Engineering Education  | 
P. N. Razdan 133-136
Total views: 190

News and Events

News and Events  | 
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Author's Biography

Authors Biography  | 
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