Volume 29 , Issue 2 , October 2015

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Editorial  | 
Krishna Vedula
Total views: 256


Communication in the Engineering Curriculum: Learning to Write and Writing to Learn  | 
Kevin D. Dahm, Stephanie Farrell, Ravi P. Ramachandran 1-8
Total views: 437
Industry-University Collaboration, A University of Dayton Model  | 
Guru Subramanyam 9-13
Total views: 418
Web-Based Simulation Modules as Supplement for Enhancing Learning in Lecture and Laboratory-Based Engineering Courses  | 
S. K. Chaturvedi, R. Prabhakaran 14-24
Total views: 373
Transforming Engineering Education Exploiting Inveterate Symbiosis between Science and Spirituality  | 
S. K. Jha 25-30
Total views: 525
Role of Consultancy in Engineering Education  | 
V. Nalina, P. Jayarekha 31-34
Total views: 346
Design Fixation: A Comparison between Native and Foreign Domains  | 
V. Mahesh, P. V. Raja Shekar, P. Pramod Kumar, M. Kantha Reddy, Vishvaksena. Ravichandran 35-39
Total views: 334
An Outcome Based Curriculum Design in Engineering-Case Study Approach  | 
Veena N. Hegde, K. Narasimha Rao 40-46
Total views: 390
A Novel Approach Towards Outcome Based Engineering Education for Continuous Quality Improvement: A Case Study  | 
A. R. Jakhale, A. C. Attar 47-52
Total views: 398
Establishing Program Educational Objectives  | 
R. Shivakumar, H. S. Usha, Chetan A. Nayak, K. Sainath, Samita Maitra 53-58
Total views: 532
Exploring Social Learning Through Wiki in addition to Face to Face Interaction  | 
K. Devaraj 59-63
Total views: 313
QEEE Spoken English Bridge Course for the Enhancement of Communication Skills in Engineering Graduates  | 
B. N. Vanishree, B. R. Shambhavi 64-67
Total views: 417
Curricular Influence and Perceptions of Engineering Graduates on Socio Ethical Issues Related to Biotechnology  | 
Savithri Bhat, M. Rajyalakshmi 68-71
Total views: 321
Simulation Based Teaching of Power Electronics  | 
P. V. V. Rama Rao, G. Durga Prasad, Jagateswar Patra 72-76
Total views: 509
Enquiry Based Approach for Enhanced Learning in DBA Laboratory: A Case Study  | 
Praveen M. Dhulavvagol, Uday Kulkarni, S. M. Meena, M. N. Prashant 77-82
Total views: 340
Structured Approach of Designing Data Structure and Algorithms Laboratory Experiments  | 
Moula Husain, Somashekhar Patil, B. Indira, S. M. Meena, D. G. Narayan 83-88
Total views: 485

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IUCEE News and Updates  | 
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Authors Biography  | 
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