Volume 29, Issue 1, July 2015

Table of Contents


Towards Quality and Consistency in Indian Engineering Education  | 
Claire Komives 1-6
Total views: 493
Use of Serious Games to Teach Engineering Design Fundamentals  | 
P. K. Raju, Pramod Rajan 7-14
Total views: 423
A Case for MOOCs in Indian Higher Education System  | 
P. N. Rao, M. Komaraiah, P. Narasimha Reddy 15-25
Total views: 709
Preparing Engineers for a Global Future through Guided Opportunities to Innovate for Underserved Communities  | 
M. Bernardine Dias, Ermine A. Teves, M. Beatrice Dias 26-37
Total views: 488
Running a Successful Textile Diploma Course in a Remote Indian Town-A Case Study  | 
Pramod Raichurkar, Vishnu Dorugade, Pradeep Waychal 38-42
Total views: 385
Uncovering the Value of ICT in Time Management for Implementation of OBE Courses  | 
Jasma Balasangameshwara 43-54
Total views: 550
Incorporating Latest Technologies in Engineering Education-iMac Lab  | 
Sinu Mathew, Neha Ghaisas, Shrikant Kallurkar, P. N. Nemade 55-59
Total views: 391
Enhancing Employability Skills through Infosys Campus Connect Programme:A Case Study  | 
R. Balasubramani, Devidas 60-66
Total views: 451
Training of Teachers through Face-To-Face Contact Mode Vs. Online  | 
P. K. Tulsi, M. P. Poonia, Anku Bala 67-72
Total views: 3210
Management of Cognitive Abilities and Functional Skills among Junior College Teachers-A Study  | 
Seema S. Desai 73-78
Total views: 472
Experiential Learning in Metrology and Quality Engineering Course  | 
N. Vijayakumar, V. N. Gaitonde, A. R. Lakkundi, H. K. Madhusudhana, G. Jangali Satish 79-84
Total views: 407
An Effective Industry Institute Engagement for Curriculum Design and Delivery:A Success Story  | 
Ashok Shettar, B. L. Desai, Nalini C. Iyer, K. M. Uma, A. B. Raju, C. D. Kerur, P. C. Nissimagoudar, Venkatesh Mane, S. Ramakrishna, M. R. Kiran, Sanjay Eligar, Anil Badiger, Anisha Joseph 85-90
Total views: 478
Adopting Open-Ended Exercise and Self-Study Modes to Implement Contextual Learning Approach to Enhance Engineering Knowledge/Skills  | 
Gururaj Fattepur, B. B. Kotturshettar, B. S. Kakol 91-94
Total views: 429
SITAC:Social IT Awareness Campaign a Case Study of Computer Awareness Campaign in Primary and Secondary Schools  | 
Nikhil D. Boob, Prem S. Potabatti, Anil Surve 95-97
Total views: 441
Analysis of Divergent Thinking in Indian Engineering Students  | 
V. Mahesh, P. V. Raja Shekar, P. Pramod Kumar 98-102
Total views: 395
Industry-Institute Interaction : An Important Step towards Empowering Skills of Engineering Students  | 
Anilkumar Nandi, Jyoti Bali, M. Kuashik, Suhas Shirol 103-107
Total views: 527
Usage of Alternate Assessment Tool for Enhanced Understanding of Product Design and Development Course at BMSCE  | 
Madhav Murthy 108-110
Total views: 375
Adaption of Learner Centric Methods in Engineering Education  | 
Deepali Maste, Shrikant Kallurkar, P. N. Nemade 111-115
Total views: 436
Transforming Engineering Education Exploiting Inveterate Symbiosis between Science and Spirituality  | 
S. K. Jha 116-121
Total views: 372

News and Events

News and Events  | 
Total views: 324


Editorial  | 
Vedula Krishna
Total views: 327