Special Issue, December 2016

Table of Contents


Innovative Techniques of Digital Crime Investigation  | 
Shrinivas D. Desai, Prashant Narayankar
Total views: 108
'Cooperative Learning' Tool for Optimizing Outcomes of Engineering Education  | 
T. S. Desai, P. P. Kulkarni
Total views: 258
Imparting Analysis Skill in Freshman Engineers - An Experience  | 
Sanjeev M. Kavale, Javeed Kittur, Raghuraja Adi
Total views: 82
Teaching Decision Making Method in Engineering Exploration Course – An Experience  | 
Javeed Kittur, Sanjeev M. Kavale
Total views: 75
Teaching Linear Control Systems: A Core Course in Electrical and Electronics Engineering  | 
Javeed Kittur
Total views: 82
Implementation of Career Guidance System in Undergraduate Study for Smooth Transition to Future Prospects  | 
S. S. Rathod, Prachi Gharpure
Total views: 89
Google forms that made Teacher's Life Easier: An Experience and Experimentation  | 
Rohith Hallur
Total views: 245
Digital Classroom: Survey and Contributions  | 
P. D. Sheth
Total views: 91
Intrapreneurship : Leveraging Competencies For Improving Quality In Higher Technical Education  | 
Hemlata Vivek Gaikwad, K. Subbaraman
Total views: 81
Effective Outcome Based Assessment Methodology for Laboratory Course in Engineering Education  | 
Amol C. Adamuthe, Sandeep U. Mane
Total views: 100
Effect of the Jigsaw-Based Cooperative Learning Method on Engineering Students  | 
J. R. Dhage, A. B. Pawar, M. S. Patil
Total views: 106
Computing Attainment of Program Outcomes by Associating Credit Based Weight Factor of the Components of Curriculum  | 
S. Subbaraman, V. B. Dharmadhikari, B. G. Patil
Total views: 79
Improving Students' Learning Outcomes by Solving Open-Ended Problem in Highway Laboratory:Work in Progress  | 
Khalida H. Muntasher, Javeed Kittur
Total views: 76
Teaching C++ Using Real Life Analogies  | 
Shashikala V. Budni, Deepa Mulimani, S. V. Seeri, P. R. Patil
Total views: 97
Essential of Industry Supported Projects in Technical Education  | 
Sandeep G. Sutar, Sachin P. Yadav, Vishal A. Kamble
Total views: 72
overall Development of Girls in Engineering Institutes  | 
J. S. Awati, K. S. Patil, M. V. Jagtap
Total views: 72
Evaluation of Culminating B.Tech Project (CBP) Using Assessment Rubrics and Mapping  | 
Amol M. Jagtap, Avinash A. Powar
Total views: 107
Effectiveness of Active and Cooperative Learning Technique Named Learning together for Technical Topic - A Case Study  | 
Yogesh S. Patil
Total views: 89
A comprehensive study on improvising the Visibility Quotient (VQ) of an Institution by Associating with Globally Recognized Student Association  | 
S. S. Kulkarni, Subodh S. Ingaleshwar, Dontham Rajesh
Total views: 120
Use of Project based Learning  | 
Mitali M. Bansode
Total views: 72
Comparative Study of Problem Based Learning and Traditional Lecture Delivery-A Case Study  | 
R. T. Patil
Total views: 82
Is Management Education in Sync with Industry Requirement?  | 
Krishnaji S. Patil
Total views: 71
Developing Creativity in Management Education:A Management Event for Transformative Learning  | 
Manisha Vikas Jagtap, Jyoti Sanjay Yadav, Vidya Sunil Kadam
Total views: 92
NAAC – Quality Benchmarking in Technical Institutions  | 
A. C. Attar, S. R. Kumbhar, S. S. Kulkarni
Total views: 80