Volume 25-26, Issue 4-1, April-July 2012

Table of Contents


Editorial  | 
N. V. Ratnalikar
Total views: 40


Emerging Significance of Competencies and Attributes of Global Engineers  | 
R. Natarajan 1-8
Total views: 38
Global Engineer: Imperatives and Implications  | 
S. G. Deshmukh 9-15
Total views: 38
Higher Education in India in the Era of Globalization: Some Reflections  | 
Prem Vrat 16-27
Total views: 38
Quality and Accreditation in Engineering Education in Europe  | 
Giuliano Augusti 28-36
Total views: 41
Facilitating 21st Century Skills in Engineering Students  | 
Lakshminarayanan Samavedham, Kiruthika Ragupathi 37-49
Total views: 60
New Pedagogic Challenges in Engineering Education  | 
Michael E. Auer 50-56
Total views: 36
Integration of Student-Centred and Community-Based Service Learning Experiences into Engineering Curricula  | 
John Tharakan 57-63
Total views: 36
ICTs for Social Inclusion: A New Challenge in Engineering Education  | 
Uriel R. Cukierman 64-69
Total views: 38
The Use of Podcasts in Teaching Process Control  | 
Srinivas Palanki 70-75
Total views: 38
Transforming Engineering Education Globally-The IUCEE Way  | 
Krishna Vedula 76-81
Total views: 46
The Transformation of Engineering Education to Produce Global Engineers: Case Studies in Afghanistan, India, Kazakhstan and Nicaragua  | 
S. Farrell, B. G. Crawford, E. Bristow, G. Mutanovich, A. Rucinski, P. U. Bhaskar 82-94
Total views: 35
Engineering Education in India-At Cross Roads  | 
O. R. S. Rao 95-104
Total views: 40
Towards the Design of an Engineering Education Curricula  | 
R. P. Mohanty 105-111
Total views: 37
E-Learning for Educating 21st Century Engineers in India: Opportunities and Challenges  | 
B. S. Sonde 112-120
Total views: 39
Engineering Education in India: Need for Pedagogy, Quality, and Professionalism  | 
N. V. Ratnalikar 121-125
Total views: 45
Professional Societies Working for Engineering Educations, across the Globe  | 
R. Hariharan 126-131
Total views: 44