Volume 25, Issue 3, January 2012

Table of Contents


Editorial  | 
N. V. Ratnalikar
Total views: 45


Role of Technical Universities and Industry in Facilitating Enhancement of Employability: A Road Map  | 
Prem Vrat 1-10
Total views: 44
Strategies to Make Technological Universities Globally Competitive  | 
B. M. Naik 11-18
Total views: 39
Assessment Practices in Engineering-A Review  | 
Jandhyala N. Murthy 19-25
Total views: 62
DIEM: Disruptive Innovation Educational Model for Technological Universities  | 
P. H. Waghodekar 26-37
Total views: 52
Internship Programme in an Engineering Curriculum and It's Pattern of Evaluation  | 
B. S. Nagendra Parashar, G. L. Datta 38-45
Total views: 53
Need for Research and Development in Idgher Education: Present Challenges and Future Prospects  | 
R. Murugesan 46-49
Total views: 41
Technological Universities in the Indian Context  | 
A. Kalanidhi 50-53
Total views: 38
A Case Study of Continuous Improvement Process in the Department of Civil Engineering at Qassim University  | 
Sulaiman A. Al-Yahya, Sherif M. ElKholy 54-66
Total views: 92
Profiles of Universities  | 
Total views: 44
Questionnaire-Responses from some Universities  | 
Total views: 43
List of Technological Universities of India  | 
Total views: 48