Volume 23, Issue 2, October 2009

Table of Contents


Editorial  | 
N. V. Ratnalikar
Total views: 36


Know-How of Global Recession and Suggestions to overcome in the Context to Indian Industries & Economy  | 
C. M. Sedani 1-7
Total views: 30
Accountability Challenges of Industrialized Economy: Potential for Enhancing Industry-Institute-Interaction  | 
A. G. Matani, Vishwas N. Ahuja 8-11
Total views: 32
Inculcating Entrepreneurship Skills in Engineering Graduates  | 
R. D. Kulkarni, S. S. Sane 12-19
Total views: 31
Building Quality Technical Institutions  | 
N. P. Mehta, H. S. Badri Narayan 20-25
Total views: 32
Purposes of Performance Appraisal  | 
M. T. Joseph, B. L. Gupta 26-31
Total views: 39
Comparative Study on Effect of Teaching Experience on Performance of Engineering Teachers  | 
Rashmi Shahu, Mukund Paithankar 32-40
Total views: 34
Recordings for Effective Learning in an ICT Based Instructional Environment  | 
Seema Shah 41-45
Total views: 42
Strategic Planning for Institutional Development  | 
P. H. Darji, V. K. Jani 46-54
Total views: 41
TQM-A Need in Engineering Education  | 
Sunita Vikrant Dhavale, Harmeet Kaur Khanuja 55-64
Total views: 32
Accountable Corporate Social Responsibility of Industries towards Improving Quality of Education  | 
A. G. Matani, Vishwas N. Ahuja 65-70
Total views: 36
Enhancing Quality of Education through Extracting Online Interviews of Domain Knowledge  | 
Shivani Sharma, Vinay Kaul, Priyanka Sharma 71-73
Total views: 29

News & Views

News & Views  | 
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