Volume 23, Issue 3 January 2010

Table of Contents


Editorial  | 
N. V. Ratnalikar
Total views: 51


Enhance your Research Skills through an International Post Doctoral Fellowship  | 
P. Srinivasa Pai 1-4
Total views: 46
Academic Planning Process to Integrate the Voice of the Customers Using Quality Function Deployment  | 
Rajdeep Singh, Dinesh Khanduja, Yashpal Jindal 5-9
Total views: 54
Effective Communication and Relevance of Soft Skills  | 
Ambika G. Mallya 11-18
Total views: 51
Improving College Teaching : Effective Teaching Methodology  | 
P. B. Bhathe 19-24
Total views: 44
Bridging Research and Practice in Higher Technical Education  | 
P. D. Kulkarni 25-30
Total views: 54
Total Quality Management for Excellence in an Engineering Institute  | 
N. V. Ratnalika 31-38
Total views: 43
Quality of Engineering Education in some of the Engineering Colleges within Pune University Area  | 
N. D. Junnarkar 39-44
Total views: 39
Dramatic Results for IUCEE in Private Colleges of State of Maharashtra in the Western Region of India  | 
K. N. Nandurkar, Sushama Kulkarni 45-50
Total views: 56
Quality Control Circles-A Tool to Improve Quality of Technical Education  | 
Sandeep R. Desai 51-57
Total views: 47

News & Views

News & Views  | 
Total views: 37