Volume 30, Issue 1, July 2016

Table of Contents


Editorial  | 
Krishna Vedula 5-5
Total views: 265

Guest Editorial

Guest Editorial  | 
N. V. Ratnalikar 6-8
Total views: 286


Clean Village and Project Based Learning  | 
Milind Kulkarni 9-16
Total views: 511
Transformation in Indian Engineering Education through Academic Autonomy to High Performing Faculty Teams  | 
Vedhathiri Thanikachalam 17-25
Total views: 558
Innovating Final Year (Capstone) Projects in Engineering Education  | 
Pradeep Waychal 26-29
Total views: 464
Effective Use of Information and Communication Technology in Enhancing Teaching-Learning Outcomes:Some Thoughts  | 
P. Srinivasa Pai, Niranjan N. Chiplinkar, B. R. Shrinivasa Rao, K. Subrahmanya Bhat 30-38
Total views: 800
Improving the Student Performance Using Think-Pair-Share for Operating System  | 
Komal R. Pardeshi 39-46
Total views: 619
Integrating Entrepreneurial Ecosystem into Engineering Education: Driving Regional Economy in Tier-2 Cities  | 
Nitin Kulkarni, Ashok Shettar, Madhusudan V. Atre 47-54
Total views: 463
A Preliminary Study on the Relevance of Outcomes-Based Education in Engineering - A Student Centric Approach  | 
S. Anoosha Pai, H. N. Nikhil, Rajath A. Sridhara, Madhav Murthy 55-60
Total views: 661
Importance of Spirit of Inquiry in Engineering Education  | 
S. Sunil Cavale, Vibhu A. Bharadwaj, B. N. Shashi Kiran, Madhav Murthy 61-67
Total views: 493
Android MOOC, Blended MOOC Intertwined with Curriculum for Outcomes-Based Education  | 
K. Rajeshwari, B. Kausthub Naarayan, K. Mallikharjuna Babu 68-72
Total views: 559
The Effectiveness of Virtual Labs in Engineering Education-what do we Measure?  | 
Anita S. Diwakar, Santosh B. Noronha 73-81
Total views: 456
Self-Efficacy in Undergraduate Women in Engineering - A Case Study  | 
Hemlata Gaikwad, Sushma S. Kulkarni 82-86
Total views: 539
Enhancing Student Engagement in a Blended Resident and Online Course Using Clickers and Embedded Questions  | 
Anil K. Kulkarni, Thomas Iwinski 87-92
Total views: 308
Technology aided and Practical Oriented Innovative Trends in Engineering Education  | 
Anupama Deshpande, Neha Bansal, Pragya Jain, Garima Gurjar 93-100
Total views: 441
Planning and Developing Outcome Based Engineering Curricula to meet the Needs of Fast Growing Indian Industries  | 
V. Thanikachalam 101-110
Total views: 363
Design and Execution of Strategies for Effective Implementation of Outcomes Based Education (OBE) in Engineering  | 
Sandeep R. Desai, Satyajit R. Patil 111-117
Total views: 577

News and Events

News and Events  | 
Total views: 239

Author's Biography

Authors Biography  | 
Total views: 257