Volume 29, Issue 4, April 2016

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Editorial  | 
Krishna Vedula
Total views: 277


Preparing Next Generation Graduates for a Global Engineering Workforce: Insights from Tomorrow's Engineers  | 
Ashok K. Agrawal, Stephanie Harrington-Hurd 5-12
Total views: 328
Enhancing Communication Skills and Ability to Engage in Life-Long Learning through Effective Assignment  | 
Shivanand P. Prabhuswamimath, I. G. Siddalingeshwar, Veeresh Angadi, Krishnaraja G. Kodancha, Sanjay Kotabagi 13-17
Total views: 321
Teaching Object-Oriented Numerical Analysis  | 
S. D. Rajan 18-22
Total views: 351
T24S : Modified TPS Activity for Mathematical Courses to Improve Students' Fundamental Knowledge  | 
Sunita M. Dol, S. A. Halkude 23-30
Total views: 384
Women Engineers–Past, Present and Future Scenario  | 
Savita Yadav 31-36
Total views: 303
Augmenting the Out of Classroom Learning of Machine Drawing Laboratory Course  | 
M. L. Shreeshail, C. M. Koti 37-41
Total views: 285
Teaching Image Processing with Hands on  | 
K. V. Suresh 42-47
Total views: 293
Six C's for Effective Teaching  | 
V. Radhika Devi 48-50
Total views: 279
Improving Laboratory Experiences in Engineering Education  | 
S. S. Rathod, D. R. Kalbande 51-60
Total views: 331
An Innovative Multi-Disciplinary Active Learning Task Towards OBE-A Case Study  | 
K. Uma Rao, V. Prema 61-65
Total views: 265
Assistive Technology Lab At Shri Vishnu Engineering College ForWomen-Igniting Young Minds For Innovation  | 
K. Padma Vasavi 66-72
Total views: 278

News and Events

News and Events  | 
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Author's Biography

Authors Biography  | 
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