Journal of Engineering Education Transformations

The world faces challenges which can be only addressed by high quality engineering talent around the world. Improving the access of high quality engineering education to large numbers of engineering students around the world is extremely critical. Educating engineering students in the traditional way is no longer effective in ensuring that they learn to become productive engineers. This is due to cultural and technological changes. Fortunately engineering educators around the world have been innovating and transforming engineering education to address this challenge.

Journal of Engineering Education Transformations (JEET) is a forum to facilitate conversations among engineering educators who would like to showcase their transformational work as publications reviewed by expert educators from across the world.

Indo US Collaboration for Engineering Education (IUCEE) is publishing this Journal in partnership with Rajarambapu Institute of Technology. ”Journal of Engineering Education Transformations” is a transformed version of "The Journal of Engineering Education", which was being published by a pioneer of engineering education, Prof. Ratnalikar, since 1985.

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Volume 31, Issue 1, July 2017


Table of Contents


Krishna Vedula
Total views: 106


RISE – The Pillars of Quality Assessment (Review, Identify, Strengthen, Evaluate)
V. Radhika Devi, P. Bhaskara Reddy 7-10
Total views: 109
A Low Risk Hybrid Teaching Methodology for Improving the Motivation Levels of Students: A Casestudy on Digital Image Processing Course
M. Venkata Krishna Rao 11-18
Total views: 106
An Interdisciplinary Project Based Learning, a Case Study
S. M. Hirikude, N. V. Sabnis, V. V. Kulkarni 19-23
Total views: 120
An Overview of Active Learning Techniques
Namburu Yamini Gupta, B. Prakruthi Gowd, A. Sri Kalyan Chakravarthi 24-29
Total views: 118
Exploring OOAD Concepts Through Course Projects
Suvarna G. Kanakaraddi, Ashok K. Chikaraddi, Jayalaxmi G. Naragund, C. Sujatha 30-36
Total views: 108
A Practical Approach to Make Computer Laboratory Courses more Effective and Interesting through Student Mentoring
Uma Boregowda, P. Sunitha, A. Geetha Kiran 37-41
Total views: 80
Imbibing Industry Requirements in Engineering Curriculum by Augmenting it with Industry Standard Simulation Tool
Anupama R. Itagi, V. Sushma 42-47
Total views: 75
Importance versus Achieved: A Cross-Sectional Study on Engineering Students' Perception on Generic Attributes
S. Meenakshi, Seemita Mohanty 48-55
Total views: 97
Make-in-MCE: A Differentiating Alumni Initiative in an Engineering College
S. Krishnaswamy, G. Mahendra, K. S. Jayantha, H. J. Amarendra, B. Uma 56-60
Total views: 91
Open Education Resource: An Effective ICT Tool for Engineering Education
Deepa 61-66
Total views: 88
Open Ended Quizzes - A Strategy to Enhance Critical Thinking of Student in Engineering Education
Rupali J. Shelke, Trupti S. Indi 67-71
Total views: 90

News and Events

News and Events
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Author's Biography

Authors Biography
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Posted: 2017-07-21
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